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  • SolarStor brand solar water heaters are solar water heaters with integrated coil heat exchangers that provide easy installation, cost savings and an attractive “clean” appearance. 
  • Dual-coil heat exchangers are available on the 80 and 119 gallon solar water heater models to provide additional heat transfer capacity when operated simultaneously; or, one coil can be dedicated for use with a boiler as an additional heating source in the potable domestic solar water heating applicaton or as part of a radiant heating loop.
  • An optional 4500W electric element for supplemental heating is available on the 50, 80 and 119 gallon solar water heater models.
  • All models feature 1" dielectric NPT connections, factory installed brass drain valves, factory installed T&P valves and 2 magnesium anode rods.
  • All models have porcelain glass fused-to-steel interiors. Porcelain glass is impervious to chlorine and caustics making it the ideal lining for the water storage tank and the coiled heat exchanger.  
  • All models include 2" of non-CFC, zero-ozone depleting R15 foam insulation.
  • All models feature a powder coated exterior for extra durability, and comes in a standard Sandstone color or in the custom color of your choice.
  • SolarStor offers ASME vertical and horizontal storage tanks that are available in capacities from 200 to 6,100 gallons.
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